What’s your Poldark name?

In the office we have a Dr Choake, and a Jud Bodregun…. take the quiz and discover your Poldark name…..

Step 1:
Take the first initial from your first name to get your Poldark Christian name:
A Reverend
B John
C Jim
D Margaret
E Captain
F Chairman
G Harris
H Ross
I Richard
J Agatha
K Prudie
L Dr
M Francis
N Sir Hugh
O George
P Verity
Q Zacky
R Jud
S Andrew
T Demelza
U Harry
V Ruth
W Charles
X Cary
Y Tom
Z Horace

Step 2:
Take the initial of your last name for your Poldark surname:
A Paynter
B Carne
C Enys
D Carter
E Martin
F Poldark
G Landlord
H Bodregun
I Henshaw
J Blamey
K Pascoe
L Warleggan
M Smith
N Daniel
O Jailer
P Treneglos
Q McNeil
R Tresidder
S Soldier
T Choake
U Tonkin
V Odgers
W Halse
X Chynoweth
Y Blewitt
Z Teague

And there you have it – are you a Verity Henshaw? Or perhaps a Sir Hugh Chynoweth?

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Image courtesy of Poldark Facebook page.

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