10 Simple Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ this Valentines’ Day

"I love you"

Surprising, simple and effective ways to show how much you care this February

Romantic & memorable

Forget roses, chocolates and soppy supermarket cards. Make this Valentines' Day extra special with these 'Top 10 Ways to Show You Care'.

10. Write a Poem

Roses are red,

violets are blue,

You make me happy

And I love you

9. Hide a love note

Put a small love letter in their lunch box, inside their phone cover, or in their car, as a surprise on Valentines' Day morning

8. Create a scavenger hunt

Write clues and hide them around the house for your loved one to follow - the final clue may invite them to dinner or to an evening out

sunset Treyarnon Bay Cornwall

7. Watch the Sun Set

Sit together on the sand, soak up the beautiful colours and watch as the sun slowly sinks below the horizon

fireplace romantic Ocean Blue

6. Find a fireplace

There's nothing quite like sitting in front of a roaring fire, sharing a drink and catching up

cooking together for Valentines' Day Ocean Blue

5. Cook together

Spending time together in the kitchen can be super romantic, prepping and tasting the dish as you go

blanket den fort by kira-auf-der-heide-462262 on unsplash

4. Build a fort

You may not be a child anymore, but this requires teamwork and creativity and is also great fun. Plus you have a cosy den to share when you're finished

power cut candles zoran-kokanovic-530941-unsplash - small

3. Turn off the power

There's a reason the birth rate spikes during power cuts - no smart phones, no Netflix - just each other

couple laughing priscilla-du-preez-306214-unsplash

2. Break a record

It doesn't need to be crossing the North Pole. Why not try and break the record for "Most M&Ms eaten in 1 minute, blindfolded, using chopsticks" or "Farthest distance to blow a pea"? Much more achievable.

1. Stay by the sea

Treat yourself to a stay in a luxury apartment overlooking the ocean. Get away from the chores at home, escape the to-do list and reconnect with your partner.

Hope to See You Soon ...

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