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Three natural wonders of Cornwall you’ll want to visit (but many don’t)

Some of Cornwall’s hidden secret gems…

More than four million people visit Cornwall every year to enjoy the sandy shores, beautiful scenery and the natural environment – they paddle in the sea, build sandcastles, enjoy clotted cream ice-cream and breathe the sea air.

But are they seeing the best that the county has to offer?  Are they experiencing everything that makes Cornwall so special?

Here are three of our favourite less well-known places you might want to add to your own wish-list before you pack your bags and head down to the South West….

Carnglaze Caverns 2015
Carnglaze Caverns

Carnglaze Caverns
Just a few miles from the desolate landscape of Bodmin Moor, these tunnels and caves give you the chance to experience slate mining in Cornwall.

Follow the woodland walk, go fairy-spotting in the enchanted dell, take the underground tour of the mines, and finish at the underground lake with its blue and green waters.

Visit Carnglaze Caverns website for more information and to plan your visit.

Lost Gardens of Heligan rope bridge
Image via Lost Gardens of Heligan

Lost Gardens of Heligan
One of the most mysterious estates in England, Heligan was neglected at the start of the twentieth century with the start of the Great War.

The discovery of a tiny room in the corner of a walled garden in the 1990s led to a decade long mission to return the gardens to their former glory.

Visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan website for opening times, and all the information you need to plan your visit.

St Nectan’s Glen

St Nectan's Glen waterfall
Tap to take a tour of St Nectan’s Glen

A magnificent 60 foot waterfall tumbles into this hidden valley near Tintagel – tap the image above to view a full walk-through of St Nectan’s Glen.

The beautiful glen is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its rare plants.

Soak up the magic of the woodland as you listen to the gurgle of the River Trevillet and dip your toes in the crystal clear waters of the pool.

Visit St Nectans Glen website to read our full review of St Nectan’s Glen here for more information.

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