The secret to holiday happiness (it’s not what you think)

You’ve booked your seven days off work. Now to sort the holiday. You can’t find the one you want.

One holiday home is too far from the beach, another is too small, another looks too crowded. One looks perfect but it’s already booked. All that research wasted.

What will the husband say? We’ve left it too late again. We’ll never find anywhere at this short notice.

angry lego minifigure

You’ll probably just end up staying at home again and having a ‘staycation’.

However much you try not to, you’ll both end up doing household chores: ironing, cleaning, tidying up, mowing the lawn, all the things you normally do.

So much for a break. You may as well be at work.

Or you could do your research now, book your perfect holiday for 2016, and spend the next six months looking forward to it and planning how you’ll spend it.

According to the latest research, that is what gives you the greatest boost in happiness!

A study in the Netherlands, published in the Applied Research in Quality of Life journal, concludes that the largest boost in happiness comes from the simple act of planning the holiday.

The time taken to find your perfect destination, plan what you’ll take, research possible day trips, and daydream about the holiday boosts happiness for eight weeks!

happy minions

How to plan the perfect holiday and stay happy for longer:

  1. Define what you want from your holiday – are you looking for an adrenalin-fuelled week of surfing, sailing, jet-skiing and coasteering? Or a quiet break away from the demands of everyday life?
  2. Research the area – once you’ve narrowed down the location, do your homework. What is there to do nearby? How far away is the coast? What about a local shop or pub? Is the accommodation within walking distance of the beach?
  3. Check online – review sites such as TripAdvisor are a good place to start, but have you also looked at the accommodation’s Facebook page? Do they regularly post updates and respond to comments? Is their website accessible and informative?
  4. Confirm what’s included – will there be a welcome hamper? Are beds made up ready for when you arrive or will you need to bring your own bed linen? Are towels provided? What about parking?

Countless research studies show experiences bring us happiness far more than possessions, so get planning those experiences, and leave the ironing and housework for another week.

You’ll be eight weeks happier if you do….

Book now for 2016

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