Ocean Blue over the years

We thought we knew Treyarnon Bay well – its landscape, rockpools and facilities, but we didn’t know too much about it before the Ocean Blue apartments were built in 2008.

So we were more than a bit excited when we got a call last week from Barbara – she’s been visiting Treyarnon Bay with her family since 1956, swimming in the natural pool that appears when the tide goes out, and paddling in the shallow waters on the beach.

Having a look through a treasured family album earlier this year, Barbara had found a couple of old photos and thought that we might like to see them:

Treyarnon Beach in the 1920s
Photo credit: Nance Hume

Yes please! These amazing photos, taken by Barbara’s mother, Nance Hume, show the beach as it was in 1927.

Treyarnon Bay pool in the 1920s
Photo credit: Nance Hume

The family returned to Treyarnon Bay in 1956 after Barbara was born and the family again enjoyed a family holiday surfing off the north coast of Cornwall, staying in the hotel which occupied the same beachside spot that the Ocean Blue apartments do today.

Ocean Blue over the years
Photo credit: Carol Dykes

Here’s Barbara in her ‘beach boudoir’ – she’d handmade these modesty garments for the whole family as Christmas presents that year to make changing on the beach a little bit easier!

Treyarnon Bay 1956
Photo credit: Carol Dykes

We’re loving the surfboard in this shot!

Was it really that long ago?! How different was life in 1956?

  • The average house price was just £2,280
  • This was the year that Velcro was invented
  • Die-cast toys such as Matchbox cars were top toys in 1956
  • Only 33% of households had a washing machine
  • Ian Fleming’s James Bond novel Diamonds Are Forever was published

Barbara has since moved to America but is coming back to the UK this year to celebrate a rather special birthday with her family – and guess where she’s staying?

We can’t wait to welcome her back! Thank you so much Barbara for sharing these rare family photos. Treyarnon Bay was just as beautiful 100 years ago as it is today.

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