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Why kids love Cornwall

Which holidays do you remember from your childhood? People often treasure those that you least expect. The one where they built a huge sandcastle with seashells as windows…. Or the one where they had ice-cream for lunch every day. Or where they jumped a mile when that weird fish in a rockpool made them jump. These are just some of the reasons why kids love Cornwall.

But also why adults love it too.

Because it transports them back to childhood – yes you can enjoy great meals out in Michelin-starred restaurants, but you can also enjoy the simple pleasures of making sandcastles and exploring rockpools.

Here are our top five reasons why kids love Cornwall:

5. The rockpools

Visit any beach in Cornwall during the Summer and you won’t fail to spot children scattered around the rockpools, peering through the water in search of maritime treasures.

Rockpooling is a simple activity that takes very little preparation – provided the weather is mild and calm, you only need a bucket and a pair of old trainers to get started. Any creatures you spot can be placed in the bucket for closer examination, but be sure to put them back where you found them before you pack up.

rock pooling at ocean blue Cornwall

Most creatures hide in rockpools nearest the sea, so be prepared to get your hands wet and be ready for surprises!

PS For a different experience, try the large natural pool that’s revealed at low tide right outside your Ocean Blue apartment on Treyarnon Beach – it’s perfect for taking a leisurely dip.

4. The watersports

There’s more to Cornwall than beaches – the county offers hundreds of opportunities to try new things and push yourself, from coasteering to surfing and kayaking.

why kids love Cornwall kayaking Ocean Blue Cornwall

Many of the main beaches offer lessons or guided tours, where you’ll be shown the ropes by an experienced professional before hitting the waters for an adrenalin-fuelled adventure.

3. The beaches

Perhaps Cornwall’s biggest asset (apart from the pasties, of course), the county’s beaches attract thousands of visitors every year. But it’s not just the tourist hot-spots that provide a fantastic base for your day at the seaside.

Children will also love the more deserted coves and bays, where the turquoise blue waters lap gently onto the white sands, or where the dramatic waves of the Atlantic crash onto jagged cliff edges.

sandcastles in Cornwall ocean blue

With just a bucket and spade, your little ones will be happy for hours, creating sand cities and burying each other. Or there’s never a shortage of empty sand to hold a boules tournament or a game of catch.

2. The ice-cream

Cream tea, salted caramel, raspberry sorbet, white chocolate & passion fruit…. just some of the treats on offer from Cornwall’s ice-cream producers.

ice-creams in Cornwall ocean blue

Local companies such as Callestick, Treleavens and Roskilly’s have crafted their ice-creams to the highest standards, serving them in a variety of cones or in small servings that the kids will talk about for months.

Just take care as you take that first lick, as seagulls love ice-creams almost as much as we do, but aren’t shy about helping themselves….

1. You

The final reason your kids love Cornwall is because they get to enjoy it with you. No laptop, no signal on your smartphone*, and no calls from work – just you and them spending time together at the seaside.

What’s not to love?

* Okay so there’s wifi throughout the Ocean Blue complex, and a phone in every apartment, but they don’t need to know that…


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