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Kids’ bucket list adventures in Cornwall

Ideas for making lasting memories as a family

A national survey* has shown that the beach and the Summer play a key part in our most cherished childhood memories.

Nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of those who took part in a national poll said the beach played a part in their happiest memories

But with children playing outdoors less than ever, what will today's children remember about growing up when they're adults?

Today's typical family unit gets less than four hours per week that they consider to be quality time together.

While seven in ten families surveyed felt that holidays are the best time for bonding. 

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We've compiled a list of ways you can start creating treasured memories with your child today.

1. Paddle in the sea

The first dip might be enough to take their breath away, but soon the sea doesn't feel quite so cold.

Count how many waves they can jump in a minute or simply chase the waves - time flies.

2. Fish & chips

Eaten out of the paper, on a bench, overlooking a quaint harbour.

Just watch out for the seagulls - they like fish & chips almost as much as we do.....

3. Watch the sun set

Pack a hamper, a picnic rug and a couple of towels and watch as the colours of the sky change from blue to orange, red and deep purple.

4. Collect shells on the beach

Can they find one that has the sound of the sea in it? Or a piece of smooth sea glass?

5. Stroke a cow

One of Cornwall's finest exports, clotted cream, is made using fresh milk from the region's farms. Many offer tours where you can meet the cows and see how the cream is made.

6. Name in the sand

Use a stick or just a finger to leave a personal signature on the blank canvas of the damp sand.

7. Spend a day bare foot

Staying in a holiday property on the beach, this is pretty easy.

Roll out of bed in the morning and hit the sand, right outside your front door, for a day of sandcastles, paddling, pincnics and frisbee.

8. Ice-creams from the ice-cream van

In Cornwall, the ice-cream absolutely must be clotted cream. You'll normally find an ice-cream van on the beach, serving everything from a creamy Kelly's Whip to a cooling juice lolly.

9. Rockpooling

What treasures can they unearth beneath the still waters of a rockpool? Shrimps, sea anemones, crabs, starfish?

10. Take a selfie with nothing but sea in the background

This may be somewhere along the 300 miles of Cornwall's coastpath, with the vast Atlantic ocean in the background.

Or maybe while paddling in the shallows (taking extra care not to drop your phone/camera).

11. Traditional Cornish Pasty

Need we say more?

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12. Take a boat trip

A short ride across the estuary from Padstow to Rock is a different way to see the coast. Or visit St Michael's Mount at high tide, taking the water taxi across the short stretch of ocean.

Time it right and walk back to the mainland across the causeway at low tide.

13. Find a seal

We are extremely lucky in Cornwall to be home to over a third of the world's grey seal population.

These curious little visitors are often found just off the coast and in the region's sheltered harbours, but in the Spring they can also be found sunning themselves on the beaches.

14. Go Cornish Piskie spotting

The elusive Cornish piskies are rumoured to live in the ancient woodlands, fields and along the rugged coastpaths.

Famously featured in Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets, they're tricky to spot, but with a keen eye and a bit of patience, you might get lucky.

Share your completed Kids' Cornwall Bucket List

Click to download and print the Kids' Cornwall list.

With the beach and family holidays creating so many lasting childhood memories, a seaside holiday cottage in Cornwall is the perfect solution to modern childhood's biggest challenges.

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* Source: Survey of 2000 adults commissioned by New Covent Garden Soup, 2016.

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