Benefits of clocks going forward

Losing an hour in bed is rarely a treat we look forward to - but in the case of the clocks going forward in the Spring, it's not all about losing sleep.

There are plenty of reasons to love the clock change.

10 of the biggest benefits of clocks going forward

10. It's still light at 7:30pm

benefits of clock change lighter evenings

More time to do the garden, wash the car, or enjoy a glass of something chilled as you watch the sun go down.

9. It's safer on the roads

benefits of clock change quieter roads

The longer daylight hours mean there are fewer accidents on the roads - and if it's safer to go out and about, head outside and enjoy yourself.

8. It's good for business

benefits of clock change shopping

The first quarter of the year is often the toughest for businesses, as consumers watch their spending after an expensive Christmas.

But now those bills are a distant memory, we can look forward to a loosening of the purse strings.

7. It promotes more activity

benefits of clock change spring clean

After months of dark mornings and cold evenings, the longer days of Spring highlight just how much the house needs a little bit of TLC.

Dig out the paintbrushes, dust off the feather duster, and treat the place to a bit of a makeover.

6. We feel healthier

benefits of clock change healthier

We're no scientists, but we know that sickness levels drop once the clocks go forward.

Maybe it's the increased Vitamin D, maybe it's the boost in activity, but whatever it is, we love it.

5. It's good for the environment

benefits of clock change lower electricity bills

Now the clocks have gone forward, we don't need to put the lights on so early.

The heating is also going to see a lot less action than it has over the past few months.

This is good news not only for the environment but also for our wallets.

4. Crime rates fall

benefits of clock change lower crime rates

Longer days mean fewer opportunistic burglaries.

It's not so easy to sneak around in the dark looking for open windows when the sun's shining until after 9pm.

3. Bank Holidays

benefits of clock change bank holidays

Once the clocks go forward, you know it's only a matter of time until the Bank Holiday weekends begin.

There's the long weekend at Easter, the early May Bank Holiday, the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May, before the blissful extra day off in August.

2. The wildlife wakes up

benefits of clock change Spring flowers

It's been a long hard Winter, with snow, floods, gale force winds and hail storms.

But now the clocks have changed, it's all on the up - the Spring flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the seas are warming up which means dolphins, seals, sharks and even whales or giant turtles can be spotted in the Cornish waters.

1. You book your Summer holiday

benefits of clock change summer holidays

The clock change means Summer is just around the corner, so you can start to plan your Summer break away.

And that's where we can help (see what we did there?).

Ocean Blue Cornwall is home to spacious apartments and holiday cottages right on the beach at Treyarnon Bay near Padstow.

You'll love the luxury accommodation, the proximity to the beach (just a few metres from your front door) and the views of the ocean.

gulland double bedroom

So although we've lost an hour's sleep, there are many benefits of clocks going forward.

And if you didn't get round to putting the car clock back an hour last Autumn,  it's going to be right for the first time in six months 🙂

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