7 ways holidays in Cornwall can help you live to 100

Drink wine, don’t drink wine, eat red meat, avoid red meat, drink coffee, avoid caffeine… the advice on how to live a healthy life is sometimes a little confusing.

So we thought we’d simplify it – here are seven ways a holiday in Cornwall can help you live to 100. We’re pretty sure there are loads more reasons, so if you can think of them share them in the comments below.

How holidays in Cornwall can help you live to 100:

1. Eat healthily

A survey by Expedia has revealed Cornwall is one of the top foodie destinations – in the world.

wooden board of healthy food

Michelin-starred chefs have flocked to the county to open up award-winning restaurants, serving delicious healthy dishes prepared using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

2. Lower stress levels

Stress has a direct impact on our health, causing high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

woman walking on sand dunes on white sand

Your stress levels will automatically reduce the moment you open the door of your holiday home, as you take deep breaths of Cornish sea air, lower your shoulders in relaxation and look forward to a week of peace and escapism.

3. Sleep well

Getting enough sleep is essential to a long and healthy life – but millions of us miss out on our recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every night due to the demands of modern living.

baby sleeping

Cornwall is known for its unique sunlight that artists love, but this light also helps manage your body clock by training you when to be awake and when to wind down. If the sunlight doesn’t do it, the sea air certainly will.

4. Cut down on coffee

Studies have shown that drinking more than four cups of coffee a day can have a direct impact on our life expectancy and negatively affect our health.

cup of tea by the sea

Although Cornwall offers a fantastic choice of beans hand-roasted in Cornwall, you may instead want to enjoy your jam and cream scone with a pot of locally brewed tea from Tregothnan Estate, which has been shown to reduce your stress hormones.

5. Cut your cholesterol

With over 800 miles of coastline you’ll find it difficult to sit still on your holiday to Cornwall.

Cornish coastline Land's End

As well as the beautiful beaches and clifftop walks just waiting to be discovered, there are towns, villages and moorlands to explore, testing your fitness levels with their varied landscapes and gradients.

6. Eat breakfast

After fasting through the night, your body is ready for a shot of fuel when you wake up in the morning, but skipping breakfast is increasingly common in our busy lives.

muesli breakfast

There is no better time than being on holiday in Cornwall to treat yourself to a leisurely breakfast, perhaps watching the sun come up the tide come in.

7. Be happy

It’s long been believed that happiness is directly linked to health, and being on holiday in Cornwall is one of the best ways to give yourself a boost of endorphins to lower blood pressure.

happy woman on the beach silhouette

The views, the fresh sea air, sand between your toes and Cornish cream teas are just some of the factors that make Cornwall a top holiday destination, and why it’s going to have you smiling all the way to your sun-lounger.

What would you add?

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