21 reasons to smile this January

After the excitement of Christmas and New Year, January can seem a bit flat.

The third Monday of the month has been awarded the prestigious title of 'Most Depressing Day of the Year' - but it's not all doom and gloom.

Here are 21 reasons to be happy this January (even if your New Year's Resolution is already a distant memory and you haven't seen natural daylight since September....)

yellow flower from marguerite on pixabay

21. You live in a beautiful world

Look around you and take in the natural beauty of a New Year. Look out for fresh colour in the hedges, the stunning cloud formations, and the breath-taking sunsets.

woman christmas shopping

20. Christmas craziness is long gone

Gridlocked carparks, the endless search for the perfect gift, long queues, crowds - all unwelcome side-effects of the festive season.

But you don't have to worry about those for another 11 months - now that's worth celebrating!

19. The days are getting longer

The shortest day of the year has passed and we can look forward to lighter mornings and longer evenings.

18. New TV shows

Goodbye Christmas specials, hello gripping new dramas and scandalous soaps - new seasons galore.

17. Eating out is cheaper

Restaurants work hard to attract customers in January - look out for cut price tasting menus and seasonal specials.

16. Declutter your life

Getting rid of clutter can have a profound effect on many areas of your life. Sleep better and feel better with a good clear-out.

15. Somebody loves you

Your granny, your partner, your nephew - somebody somewhere thinks you're brilliant and loves you to bits.

love in Scrabble tiles

14. The Oscars are just around the corner

holiday extras champagne on arrival Ocean Blue Cornwall

The outfits, the hilarious gaffs and all the glamour of the annual awards ceremony is just around the corner.

You can be sure you'll have plenty to chat about over the water cooler at work.

13. New year, new look?

January is a great time to give your home a facelift. From a fresh coat of paint to a new kitchen, DIY could be the best antidote to the January blues.

12. It's AA Milne's birthday

Born on 18 January 1882, the creator of Winnie The Pooh brought us wonderful characters including Pooh Bear, Piglet, Eeyore and Owl.

11. Motivational quotes

When else can you say: "This is the beginning of anything you want" and not have someone roll their eyes at you? Embrace the uplifting New Year quotes.

10. Cut waste this year

A new year is the chance to take a fresh look at your impact on the world. Could you reduce waste? Recycle more? Reduce your carbon footprint?
benefits of clock change Spring flowers

9. Spring is on the way

The first signs of Spring are always a joy.

The brightly coloured daffodils, tulips and crocus flowers signify the start of a new warmer season.

8. It's National Hugging Day

Hugs are scientifically proven to make us feel good. They release positive endorphins, boost our mood and generally make everyone happier.

Every year on January 21st, indulge in a few cuddles - and if anyone asks why, you can tell them it's a National Day.

7. Plenty of time to save

The credit card bills may still be arriving, but you have 11 months to save for next Christmas.

That's over 330 days to plan your budget, ensuring next year's spend doesn't break the bank.

You may even save enough to treat yourself to a short break away.

6. It's Brew Monday

Launched by the Samaritans to combat Blue Monday, this is the ideal opportunity to catch-up with friends.

Put the kettle on, let off steam, raise money and banish those January blues.

5. No more Christmas songs

The likes of Mariah Carey and Slade are banished to the archives for another 11 months (okay, 10 months.... or maybe nine...)

4. Dog walks in the sunshine

Most dogs are up for a walk any time, but crisp mornings, frosty fields and bracing winds make January the perfect time to blow away the cobwebs.

3. Movie epics hit the big screen

With awards season underway, many of the big studios release their latest blockbusters. Look out for Oscar-winning performances from all corners.

2. It's jumper season

If you've overindulged a little over Christmas, you'll be glad of the excuse to throw on a snuggly forgiving jumper at every opportunity.

1. Book your holiday

Time away with the family is precious and holidays are a highlight of the year. January is a great time to look ahead and secure your next Summer break.

Just having the dates booked in is enough to look forward to.

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